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With this kind of commitment and expertise, you can fully enjoy every moment.

Years ago, God led us to each other in a whimsical romance that ultimately sealed our commitment to each other as husband and wife. And then we fell in love with our second sweetheart, photography. Soon after our union together we created our wedding photography team, located here in beautiful Southern California.


We developed a true love for capturing those memories of the bride and groom’s most important day of their lives. With his 13 years of photography experience, Sean has developed a bold artistic presence to his photography, but still brings the intimacy, love, and personality of each couple. I gravitate more to a softer, and uniquely photojournalistic style to the team process. Together, we cover the broad spectrum of photographic styles, capturing every moment one image at time. 


In addition, we have developed an intuitive understanding of the wedding event process. You can have the upmost confidence in your photographic team with a wedding day timeline to keep you on track, along with a shot list that will provide you peace of mind throughout your special day. With this kind of commitment and expertise, you can fully enjoy every moment. Along with our reputation for stellar customer service, it is our first priority to lead you with confidence, understanding, and a keen insight from the first consultation through the last dance.


Your Wedding photography should be viewed as an investment, marking the promise to love and to cherish, with these images begin the first family heirloom as husband and wife.  An heirloom you would be proud to pass down to the next generation as proof of a grand celebration of your commitment to one another; a commitment that will last a lifetime.