Everything You Need to Know about a Surprise Engagement Proposal  

If you haven’t heard, engagement season is here. For those couples hopelessly in love, many will be visiting family for the holidays and traveling to fun destinations. Some are secretly hoping to return home with an engagement ring planted on that ring finger. Here are 5 ways to get your planning on to create an (almost!) stress free surprise engagement proposal that will have your significant other swooning with love and posting Insta-stories about how her love of her life just got down on one knee!  

Step One: Make a Plan  

According to Statista.com, the end of the year percentage for wedding proposals is an astounding 19% in the United States, so NOW is a great time to begin the planning portion of your proposal. Sometimes just getting started can get some guys in the frustration zone. If you haven’t purchased a ring just yet, that’s okay! You have time to find the right ring, and the good thing is you don’t need the engagement ring to get going on the rest of the planning part.   

To make a plan, figure out a place that would mean something to the both of you- favorite restaurant? The place you went on your first date? The epic spot of your first vacation together? There are so many romantic possibilities here, it’s practically endless. Brainstorm some ideas, then settle down on one locale, but don’t get too overwhelmed by the location. Each time you feel overwhelmed, remind yourself that she’s in love with you, so even if the proposal was behind a taco stand (yes, we’ve seen it happen!), the love behind it is always the best part. However, if you still need help with this part, shoot me a message and I can help you with some local ideas in your area.   

Step Two: Find Your Photographer  

It has become increasingly popular for engagement proposals (especially surprise ones!) to have a photographer, and even sometimes a videographer, to accompany them in this amazing affair. Remember, this is a moment to document for the books, and having your iPhone set on blast mode and hoping for the best it not necessarily the way you want to document one of the most exhilarating moments of your life. Not only can we capture the best moments, expressions, and affections, we can also help you plan the moment, which leads me to the next step… 

Step Three: Plan the Proposal  

For those of you that like to wing it, this may be one of those times where “winging it” may not be the best plan if want to have a successful, romantic engagement proposal.  If you have hired a photographer, she can definitely be a go-to resource of how to make the best of the moment. The photographer can help you strategize how to get your girl to the location without giving anything away (especially if you really want to surprise her!), provide outfit suggestions, and share what makes for the most romantic views. You name it, any photographer worth their salt LOVES help plan and strategize exciting, romantic proposals. Let your photographer be your advocate and help you make this an amazing forever-remembered moment.   

Step Four: Put It In Motion  

Now you have the plan and are ready to execute. This is a great time to bring in other family members and friends to help you along the way.  Family members are a great way to distract your girl from realizing today is the day because most ladies think, “Well, why would so-and-so be here if he was going to propose?” Exactly!  There are so many examples I could share, but I only have time for to share one.  

 One of our guys planned a wine tasting tour with friends and family. No big deal, right? He had the whole day planned with a tour bus and everybody had a great time! Towards the end of the tour, he had his driver bring them up to the top of the vineyard, and while walking hand and hand, with 365 degrees of epic views and my husband and I hiding literally in the vines with our cameras, he got down on one knee and proposed! She was so shocked, she almost fell over!  She began to cry with happiness, and he did as well. Soon did she realize that all was captured for them share. 

Step Five: Take Advantage of the Moment  

In the end, this will be one of the most anticipated moments of your lives! Take advantage of this moment and have fun with it! Most of our couples end up having an impromptu engagement shoot right then and there, and the happiness and love in their eyes of those moments cannot be duplicated. She will so appreciate all the time you put into make this moment special, and each time she shares the story of your perfect proposal, you come out the hero. It’s a win, win for everyone. 

Sean and Shannon are wedding and engagement photographers who live on Southern California, but photograph all over the United States and destinations around the globe. For more information, or if you would like to be part of our adventures, please contact us at  https://www.mnpphotos.com/contact/.   

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