Our Story

Our Story

Meet Sean

Falling in love as we all know is exciting, spontaneous, and thrilling. As a photographer I am privileged to see the love our client’s have for one another. It is my intention to preserve these moments and these memories to be a forever reminder of the love they share. It is super fun and a rare opportunity to photograph as our clients open up in front of the camera. Amazing, when their love for one another shows with no walls, taking in the warm embrace, or a passionate kiss between the two. These moments are truly inspiring and can remind us all of our true love, our commitment to the one we chose, and the adoring reflection of love in the eyes of the one looking back at you.

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Meet Shannon

My desire is to capture each couple’s experience with their passion and romance for one another, on their wedding day, authentically preserving moments in time that will never be replicated. My dedication runs deep for those rare opportunities to make them uniquely theirs.  

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Expert Wedding Photographers

You may see us taking pictures, but what you don’t see are the angles in which we are using to frame the subject, how we use light to enhance the drama of the moment, and the way we anticipate those forever moments. 

Sean And Shannon Cox
Best Wedding Photographer

We have an amazing ability to connect with individuals rather quickly, making them feel comfortable and at ease. This gift allows clients to feel relaxed, which in turn creates an atmosphere where we are forgotten, and true enjoyment of the moment begins. When those elements come into effect, that is when we capture the magic.  

Sean and Shannon Cox

“Love. Captured one image at a time.”    

~ Sean & Shannon