Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Memories & Promises Photography apart from other wedding photographers?

With our eyes on the Lord, He provides us with a heart to serve our clients with unparalleled customer service and outstanding professionalism. Our disposition from the very first time you meet us is to get to know you, your love story, and accommodate your hopes and wishes for stunning and memorable photography. We are invested in you because of your love for one another and we are committed to you because of our dedication to excellence.

What is your style of photography?

Our combined styles encompass fashion and romance portrayed through portraiture and photojournalism. However, we also incorporate Fine Art imagery that includes bold, vibrant colors, and boasts of amazing detail.

We also love natural light and we use it to our advantage as much as possible. Natural light provides the soft, whimsical, and classic feel to our images. When the location becomes too dark, we come prepared with plenty of artificial wattage of our own.

Where are you located and do you travel?

We are located in the beautiful the wine country of Temecula in Southern California. However, we photograph everywhere from the sands of the beaches in Orange County and San Diego to the desert breeze.  We do not charge a travel fee for these locations because we love every part of where we live! 

We also love to travel and have every ambition to photograph whenever whereever we can!  We have photographed many locations outside of California and abroad, so our passports are up-to-date and we are ready to serve you.

Do you customize wedding packages?

There are three wedding packages designed to optimize the wishes of each couple:

The Sweethearts Package, The Princess Package, and The Happily Ever After Package.

We can customize one of these packages to fit your specific requests: we are always here to accommodate you.

How far in advance should I book my wedding photographer?

As soon as you choose your date and book your venue, you should be solidifying your photographer. Great photographers book fast, up to two years in advance. So, it is imperative that you book your photographer as soon as you can to ensure you have the image specialists you want on your special day.

Is it necessary to have a second photographer?

Absolutely! No one photographer can properly and efficiently cover an entire wedding and all that it encompasses. It is vital to have at least two photographers. One will set up the posed pictures and grab the eyes of bride and groom. The second photographer searches for the photojournalistic imagery which is the 45-degree angle, enabling the capability to capture the raw emotion and spontaneity of each moment. Many times, these are the images you fall in love with, the ones where the camera goes unnoticed and reveals the true happiness of the moment.

Why should I choose a local photographer for my destination wedding?

Having access to a local photographer allows you the ability to get to know your photographer, to see if they are a good fit for you, and confidently know that they can deliver the images and photographic style you hired them for. It is important for you to have access to them before, during, and after the wedding day and can deliver on the agreed expectations.  Many destination wedding photographers are assigned by the planner of your wedding venue, and they repeat the same cookie-cutter style of photography for each wedding, making your images impersonal and without a connection to what is most significant to you on your wedding day.

Just as important, when you get home from your destination you will have a greater peace of mind knowing that your pictures, products, and photographer are within reach and committed to you from beginning to end.

Can you provide my venue with a certificate of insurance and are you licensed?

Yes, we will be happy to provide a certificate of insurance and business license information upon request. In addition, we are and an active participant in our local beach cities art community and Temecula’s vineyard and resort communities.

When will my pictures be ready and how can I view them?

Our policy is 60 days from the wedding date to upload your pictures on your private gallery. Your private gallery is password protected and you can share your link with friends and family.

All digital images will be delivered through a USB flash drive, lightly edited, and we will provide a permission to print authorization certificate.

Is it necessary to have my prints made at a professional lab, and why?

Places like Costco and other local print retailers will not provide the detail, clarity, color, and professional appearance that a professional print lab will offer. Pro labs use high-end professional photo printing machines and processing to promote quality and they guarantee their work. Professional photo printing paper increases the life of the picture dramatically and allows for the full resolution (pixels and pixel count) that a DSLR professional camera is designed to create that local retailers cannot accommodate. 

Is a consultation necessary and is it important to do it in person?

Yes! It is vital to have a consultation in order to understand what you expect and will receive from your photographer. You never leave this open for interpretation or believe the photographer knows exactly what you want without a consultation.

As your photographer, we also provide in person consultations and online Skype consultations for your convenience. We provide a free consultation and ongoing contact up to the wedding day, so we can answer any photography concerns or questions. In addition, the consultation allows you to see if we are the right fit for your wedding photography needs.

Is it necessary for my photographer to get to know me before my wedding day and how does that relationship improve my pictures?

Yes! It is vital for your photographer to get to know you through your consultation, your romantic/engagement photo shoot, and contact during the planning process.

These opportunities to communicate and share with one another allows us to get a sense of your personalities and allows you to feel at ease and confident when we are behind the camera. A natural flow of communication will develop and along with it trust, to ensure a great day of photography.

Is it important to include my photographer when making my wedding day timeline?

A professional wedding photographer should base the shot list according to the wedding day timeline. It is vital that we be an active participant to that timeline to ensure the special day has complete photography coverage.

Do I need a shot list?

Yes! A shot list is absolutely necessary. A shot list is a schedule we create with you of images that will be taken throughout the wedding day from the Getting Ready stage to the end of the Reception. It insures we capture the most intimate and important parts of your wedding day.

Do you provide videography and photo booth options in your packages?

Yes, we are proud to offer videography and photo booth options with our packages.

Should a Wedding Photographer dress professionally for the day of the event?

Yes! A wedding is a formal event requiring formal dress, unless otherwise noted by you. A professional wedding photographer should be seen by others as a guest.  Therefore, our appearance at the wedding will not detract any attention away from the event. A wedding is ALL about the Bride and Groom.

Why would I want to develop a working relationship with my wedding photographer?

We are committed to our clients from the very first time we meet through the entire wedding event. That commitment continues with the delivery of the images and other products to your satisfaction.  A professional photographer knows that shooting a wedding is not just a one-day event, but an opportunity for us to invest time in the newly married couple, so we can continue that relationship for future life events that require professional photography. We are interested in creating a friendly, professional relationship with you as your family continues to grow and prosper.

Is it necessary to sign a contract for photography services?

Yes! The contract has several facets. It protects all that is involved. A contract also demonstrates to you that we know what we are accountable for and what is required to fulfill the contract.